Known around the world for its extensive collection of tough, trendy luggage bags that are fit for any travel scenario, Barry Smith bags originated from the United Kingdom are available in boutiques in destinations such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Paris, New York and South Africa. In fact, Barry Smith bags have travelled with frequent flyers from these regions to all corners of the globe - enduring storage conditions and all kinds of terrain.

Throughout the vast range of Barry Smith luggage, emphasis is placed on functionality, practicality and style, rendering them ideal for any business or leisure travel scenario. Among the luggage collections available are the Evergreen Collection, which features all pieces in timeless brown leather; the Innovative Collection, dressed in elegant black leather, and offering an abundance of compartments; and the Trendy Collection, which is modern and fashionable - crafted from high quality nylon, and featuring classy leather trims.

With these collections, Barry Smith aims to meet the needs of all travellers. Each creation is the product of extensive research and stringent testing procedures to ensure the highest order of quality.

In addition, each bag comes with a 2-5-year warranty.