Roll up - save space

By rolling your clothes up this helps to reduce creases and somehow allows you to pack more. Top tip - the more clothes that are rolled up together the better. This also applies to folding, so try folding a number of items together.

Pack wisely

Do you really need that extra pair of shoes? You know that you will end up wearing your trusty flip flops so save yourself the energy and leave them at home. Pack mini toiletries or even buy them when you get there, after all, you are not going to Mars! Cut down on your weight allowance by packing multi-purpose clothing, go for something that can be mix and matched or worn day or night, clever thinking and planning is the key!

luggage Size matters

Choose the right case for your trip. Packing too much or too little will mean that your clothes get creased. As a rule of thumb, a medium roller case is ideal for a two week holiday. Reduce those creases by hanging your clothes in a steamy bathroom with the lights off (most hotel steam extractors are linked to the lights) then shake them out and wear!
Description: Shoes


Shoes are best packed near the wheels so they do not drop and crease all your clothes. Why not pack underwear or socks inside to ensure your shoes keep their shape.
Alternatively, put delicate items such as jewellery inside for added protection.

Description: Toiletries


Always put loose bottles in plastic bags, there is nothing worse than opening your case and finding a spillage all over your clothes. In addition, these bags always come in handy for keeping your dirty clothes in, so reuse and recycle.

Description: Share out clothing

Share out clothing

If travelling together, split your clothing between the cases. If a bag does go missing you will not be stranded with nothing to wear!

Luggage Allowance

Always check your luggage allowance with the airline that you are travelling with. There is quite a difference from one airline to another and you don't want to get stung at the airport